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4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Solar Panel Installation

4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Solar Panel Installation

4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Solar Panel Installation

When you install solar panels on your home, you can save large amounts of money on your electricity bills. Living in Tampa, you can take advantage of around 246 days of full sun each year. Before you call the solar panel installers, you’ll need to do some things to get ready first. Here are four tips for preparing for residential solar panel installation.

Determine If Your Roof Is Solar Ready

For a roof to be a good match for solar panels, it should be at least 200 to 400 square feet. The roof should also have at least one side facing south or southwest to catch the most sunlight possible. Roofs with heavy pitch may make solar power installation service difficult. If you have any of these issues, you may want to consider having solar panels installed on the ground. Address any roof problems such as leaks or structural damage before you install solar panels.

Calculate Your Present And Future Energy Usage

When you meet with the solar company for a consultation, they will want to know what your average home energy use is to be able to recommend the right panels for your needs. You can find this information out by logging into your electric company account and calculating the total monthly usage. You’ll also want to keep in mind any other upgrades for your home that you’re planning to make in the future. Will you purchase an electric vehicle or install a hot tub? Let the solar panel specialists know about these plans as well.

Decide Whether To Lease Or Buy

Homeowners have two financial options when it comes to solar panel installation. You can choose to either buy or lease your solar panel fitting. Leasing is ideal for tight household budgets, as they require little to no money upfront. However, the panels will be returned to the company once the lease is up. Buying the panels requires a significant upfront payment but you own them for life. The option you choose will depend on your personal preferences and unique financial situation.

Acquire Permits

You will need to notify your local homeowner’s association if applicable for your solar panel installation. You will also need to obtain any necessary permissions and permits from your city to install solar panels. The solar contractor can handle all of these responsibilities for you.

Solar panels are a great investment to not only help you save electricity but also to boost the overall value of your home. Your investment will also pay for itself over time. 

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4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Solar Panel Installation

4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Solar Panel Installation


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