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Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home

Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home

Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home

Even though we harness only about 0.001% of the sun’s energy, we get a whole lot of power that will be more than enough for our homes. More Americans are increasingly embracing solar energy, with the highest popularity surge in 2012, where the commercial solar energy market grew by 76%. This huge growth in commercial and residential solar energy uses may be because of the overwhelming benefits of this renewable energy source. Here, we’ll shed light on some of the advantages of using solar energy for your home’s power needs.

Reduced Power Costs

Using solar panels instead of power lines could save you a bundle in energy costs. Monthly savings from a solar energy system could peak at well over a hundred dollars. If $100 seems like a small amount, remember that in 10 months, you’ll have saved $1000 and in a decade you’ll be looking at a whopping $15,000 in savings. If you use solar energy for your heating needs, you could cut down on all your cooling and heating expenses by more than 40%.

Completely Renewable

Solar energy is the most prevalent renewable source of energy. You can harness solar energy from anywhere around the globe for your power needs. Solar power is also available every single day. In fact, you cannot exhaust it unless you are counting on the sun to die, which is unlikely to happen.


Commercial solar energy companies will usually highlight the diverse applications of solar energy in their marketing campaigns, and they are right. Solar energy has very broad use in many areas including households for power and lighting needs, satellites for power, to distill impure water in industries and labs, and to supplement power requirements in commercial settings, to name a few.

Cheap to Maintain

Solar energy installations have cheap maintenance costs. Furthermore, most commercial companies have enticing warranties for 20-25 years and are always happy to help whenever you have issues with your solar energy system. Cleaning your solar panels will cost you only about $30-$50, and you will only have to do it periodically. Since solar panel installations don’t have moving parts, they aren’t subject to wear and tear like other machines. You must, however, change the inverter but after about 5 to 10 years of use.

Ultimately, solar energy has many advantages not only for homeowners but businesses too. Solar power is also a trend that most people are steadily picking up and is set to be the future of power in the US and the world.

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Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home

Benefits of Embracing Solar Energy for Your Home


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