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Our Cape Coral, FL solar experts at Efficient Home Services are dedicated to helping you harness the clean and renewable power of the sun for your home. We deliver the high-quality service, parts, and designs that you need—creating long-lasting, intelligent designs that can grow with you into the future. 

With over 300 days of sunshine every year, Cape Coral is an ideal place for you to use solar to power your home or business. Your solar system can be generating energy from the sun while you’re out enjoying the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

Our solar solution developers offer a turnkey solution with asset management for the entire life of your solar asset. Unlike traditional solar installers, our commitment to our clients goes beyond the installation alone. 

When you choose EHS, we treat you like family and always make sure to explain the entire solar process from start to finish. 

Every one of our solar installations carries a 25-year performance guarantee, which means we always fix underperforming systems at no cost to you, including labor and parts. We also offer a lifetime roof integrity warranty on your Cape Coral home.

We have offices throughout Florida, which enables us to provide unparalleled installation and service to Cape Coral, FL.

No matter where you live, from St. Pete to Jupiter, or beyond, Efficient Home Services are ready to serve, providing the utmost care and personalized attention for every one of our customers.

Our services include:

How Can Solar By EHS Help Me Save Money?

Simply put, solar energy systems allow you to save money by generating your own power and selling excess power to your utility company at a markup—lowering your annual costs by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. Best of all, with flexible payment structures that allow you to pay for your panels as you use them, solar is now more affordable than ever.

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Making the solar switch allows you to completely eliminate or drastically decrease your electric bill, so much so that your electricity costs will no longer be a significant factor in your budget.


At EHS, we are not only passionate about giving back to our environment, we also believe in the power of bringing a community together to do great things.


During this comprehensive survey, we’ll determine all the ways your home is costing you money and all the ways we can help you save. Then we’ll share a detailed plan to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

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Save Up to 95% on your Electric Bill Today

Let us conduct a free energy audit on your home to see how much we are able to improve its efficiency. During this thorough inspection, Our Cape Coral Solar Experts will pinpoint areas that are negatively affecting your energy use as well as your recent electrical use history.

We Serve Only Florida and Texas Currently.