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  • Why Should You Invest in an Energy Audit Before Installing Solar Panels?

    EHS Getting Started Free Energy Evaluation

    Why Should You Invest in an Energy Audit Before Installing Solar Panels? Before installing a solar energy system, you’ll need to do a thorough energy audit of your home. The purpose of this energy audit is to determine whether the inclusion of a solar system can help you become more efficient in energy consumption. Here […]

  • Tampa Solar Incentives

    5 Reasons to Go Solar in 2020

    Tampa Solar Incentives Naturally, you might be thinking that all of the warm, wonderful, shining sun that beats down on Tampa all of the time is the main reason a solar power system would be beneficial for your home. However, that is only half of what makes solar power such a viable option for your […]

  • Fun In The Sun Science: How Solar Panels Work

    EHS Giving Back Project KLM

    How Solar Panels Work With the world in desperate need of clean, renewable energy, that big, yellow ball in the sky seems to be a great solution. Solar energy is plentiful–more plentiful than any other energy resource on the planet. At any given time, the sun emits 173,000 terawatts of solar energy. To put that […]

  • Solar Panels Florida Law

    will solar panels damage my roof

    Solar Panel Florida Law Florida is a state that has a surplus of sunlight and as a result there are a number of businesses and individuals that are taking advantage with the help of solar panels. Quite unfortunately, not everyone is taking advantage of solar energy in a state where the sunlight is so plentiful. […]

  • Solar Panels Florida Cost

    EHS Roofing Testimonials

    Solar Panels Florida Cost If you are looking to invest in solar panels in Florida, you may want to know more about the average costs that are associated with installing one of these systems. When installing solar power across Florida the overall costs of the equipment used can vary based off of the roof type, […]

  • Efficient Home Services of Florida Sets the Bar High for Insulation Contractors in Sarasota, FL

    Solar Energy in Florida is it Even Worth It

    Attic Insulation Sarasota, Florida Your search for reputable insulation contractors with the expertise to help make your Sarasota home more energy efficient can end with Efficient Home Services. That’s because, since our founding in 2011, we have earned the reputation as the energy professionals customers rely on for products and services that deliver real relief […]

  • Save Money with Generac PWRCELL Battery

    Generac Storage System Installation The Generac Battery Storage System is a vital source of backup power for your home. It can provide up to 9kW of continuous backup to your entire home. The Generac PWRcell is an intelligent energy storage system equipped with PWRview energy monitoring technology. During times of power outage the PWRcell not […]

  • Services to Make Homes Energy Efficient are Available to Residents of Fort Myers, FL

    The Best Angle for Solar Panels

    Home Energy Audit Fort Myers, FL Energy efficient homes are often the products of careful planning. In Fort Myers, Florida, one company stands above the pack when it comes to devising plans for homeowners to scale back their energy use – Efficient Home Services. We are a team of experienced home energy professionals who formed […]

  • A Energy Audit Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill in Fort Myers, FL

    5 Reasons to Go Solar in 2020

    An Energy Audit Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill in Fort Myers, FL When Efficient Home Services performs an energy audit on your Fort Myers, Florida, home, you will begin your journey to lasting savings on your electric bill. With years of experience and training under our belt, we can expertly assess the […]

  • Attic Insulation for Your Fort Myers, FL, Home Can Save You Money

    Differences Between Commercial and Residential Solar

    Attic Insulation for Your Fort Myers, FL, Home Can Save You Money Proper attic insulation helps homes in Fort Myers, Florida, stay cool during the summer and warm when the temperature outside dips, thereby reducing their HVAC units’ workload. But, when the insulation is poor, managing the interior temperature becomes much more challenging. In fact, […]