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What to Do If You Feel like You’re Missing out on Residential Solar Energy

What to Do If You Feel like You’re Missing out on Residential Solar Energy

What to Do If You Feel like You’re Missing out on Residential Solar Energy


More and more people are talking about residential solar energy lately. Some people make the switch to residential solar once they discover how much money they can save on their monthly energy bills. Other consumers are more motivated by the damage they see being done to the environment by traditional energy systems and fossil fuels. Whatever your reason, there are many benefits to solar energy. Here’s what you can do if you feel like you’re missing out.

Get Your Budget and Goals in Line

While there are costs associated with the installation of solar panels, it’s quite common to save money over the long term in the form of monthly energy savings. That said, you should always ensure that your budget is ready to make the switch with proper flexibility. On a similar note, you should also ensure that everyone in your household is on the same page in terms of your goals and reasons for making the switch to solar.

There are numerous benefits to solar energy. For one, there are many energy companies offering credits and incentives to customers interested in making a change who may not have access to sufficient funds for installation and set up. Furthermore, renewable energy systems allow you to save money over the long term, as they don’t consume as much energy and resources as a traditional energy system. Of course, the most obvious benefit to solar is that you are doing a favor the environment. Outdated energy systems use precious resources and fossil fuels that then end up sending unwanted byproducts and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This erodes the ozone layer and leads to global warming. If you don’t want to be involved in such environmental damage, then changing to residential solar energy is a great move to make.

Talk to a Solar Company Who Understands Installations

One of the greatest hurdles to understanding solar energy is finding the right company that can help to explain fundamental concepts to you. Most homeowners also want to be sure that they are getting a solar company that understands their specific concerns and specifications. No one wants to get a system installed that is one size fits all and ends up falling short in terms of their own needs. Thankfully, more solar energy companies are willing to discuss options and find the kinds of solutions that cater to the individual, rather than applying fix-all solutions to every customer. Even having a basic installation discussion with a solar company can help to ease your mind and calm any worries you might have.

What About Solar Energy Systems in the Rest of the Country?

If you are at all hesitant about switching over to a solar company, then it’s helpful to understand the current state of the residential solar energy system in the rest of the country. You just might be surprised to discover that there are now 1.3 million solar installations across the United States. This means that there is a cumulative capacity of over 40 gigawatts. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that 1 megawatt of electricity can power 164 homes, so 40 gigawatts is enough capacity to power 6,560,000 U.S. households. For many homeowners, these statistics can help to put things in perspective, while also creating an even greater motivation to make the switch.

At Efficient Home Services, we offer both solar panel installation and efficient home consultations. Whether you’re ready to switch to a new solar company, or if you’re just interested in seeing what types of options are available to you in terms of using solar energy, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. No matter how large or small your needs may be, we would love to help you at every step of the way. Residential solar energy will only continue to grow in popularity. By making the switch to a solar company that understands this, you are doing your part to help the environment, while also conserving energy and saving money on your monthly utility bill.

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What to Do If You Feel like You’re Missing out on Residential Solar Energy

What to Do If You Feel like You’re Missing out on Residential Solar Energy


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