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At Efficient Home Services, we love the Sunshine State and consider it home! Are you a Florida native? Come visit us! Our headquarters is at 9416 International Ct N, St Petersburg, FL 33716

Our facility is dedicated to our customers and we look forward to seeing you and helping you soon. Walk-in to our office during business hours and we’ll help you find the energy efficient services that fit your lifestyle and home perfectly.

highest energy consuming State

250 days of sunshine

The average monthly electricity bill in Florida is $175. With a consumption rate 13% higher than the national average, it’s a must to have your home using energy efficiently to keep your bills down, your consumption reduced.

Since Florida receives an incredible amount of sunshine year-round, homeowners in Florida have an ample source for solar energy production. Our team will help you find solar power incentives available to make it an even easier decision.

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