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Community Partners

Giving Back

EHS Donates a Percentage of Our Proceeds

We value the communities we serve and call home and believe it’s important to support them, just as they support us. Because of this, we donate a portion of our profits to worthy causes to try to make a positive impact.

Proud Benefactor of Our Local Children's Hospital

EHS donates a percentage of our proceeds to support the areas of greatest need to further the hospital’s mission. This includes research initiatives that help improve diagnosis; treatment and prevention; education, improvements to facilities and equipment; patient therapies and more.
At EHS, we are not only passionate about the big picture of giving back to our environment, but also the little things and giving back to our community. We believe in the power of bringing a community together to do great things.
EHS Giving Back Children's Hospital
EHS Giving Back Project KLM

Proudly Partnered with Project KLM

Project KLM’s mission is to work to extract trafficking victims, provide relief and support for families, rehabilitate and reintroduce victims into society, and take down trafficking once and for all in our country. They take an active role in the aftercare of extracted victims by providing individualized services and support based on each victim and their family’s needs and assessment.