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You’ll be Glad You Went Green

EHS Go Green More Cash in Your Pocket

Going Green

More Cash in Your Pocket

While it feels good to do your part for our planet’s future, it might feel even better to reduce or eliminate your electric bill completely. Our products and services save you money, and make your home more comfortable, more valuable and even more beautiful.

THe results

Less Carbon in the Atmosphere

By switching to solar and cutting out inefficiencies caused by less than optimal roofing, insulation, or air conditioning units you can drastically lower your energy use, which lowers your carbon footprint and benefits the planet.

EHS Go Green Less Carbon in the Atmosphere
5-Step Process

Save Money on Your

Energy Bill


Free Energy Evaluation

Our EHS experts will come to your home to assess your home’s energy use and efficiency.


Savings Plan

We will provide a comprehensive energy savings plan.


Energy Design

Our design team will find the best energy-efficient products to enhance your home based on budget.



Our expert installation technicians will arrive at your home for a same-day setup.


Power Up

Your energy-saving products will begin saving you money!

Get Started with Your Free Evaluation

Save Up to 95% on your Electric Bill Today

Let us conduct a free energy audit on your home to see how much we are able to improve its efficency. During this thorough inspection, we pinpoint areas that are negatively affecting your energy use as well as your recent electrical use history.

We Currently Serve Florida and Texas.

Giving Back

In addition to giving back to our environment, we make a habit of giving back to our community, donating a portion of our proceeds to deserving causes. In particular, we support our local children’s hospital and Project KLM, whose mission is combat child trafficking.

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