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How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

Solar panels are popular among Florida homeowners looking to save money while generating their own electricity. Many people are curious about the lifespan of solar panels. How long do solar panels last in Florida, then?

Solar panels in Florida typically last between 25 and 30 years. Several factors can influence how long solar panels will last. Even after 25-30 years, your solar panel might not produce as much power if you don’t have a plan. This article will examine how long solar panels can last and what factors may affect them.

The longer your solar panel can generate electricity, the more money you will save. You’ll be happy to learn that most home solar panels will last up to 25 years without any noticeable degradation.

Solar panels continue to convert solar power even after that point. The panels will continue to convert solar energy, but at reduced efficiency. The panels rarely stop producing energy, but their degradation rate can be so high that you may need to replace them.

Some manufacturers offer shorter warranties for solar panel equipment. This can include damage caused by extreme weather conditions, falling branches, and other factors. Due to weather damage, solar panel warranties exclude coverage for racks.

Solar inverters can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Inverters convert solar energy to electricity for your home. They have a shorter life expectancy because of this. Solar inverters can be replaced for between $1,000 and $2,000.

Which Solar Panels Last The Longest?

Solar panels last longer if they are made of high-quality products. Solar panels can be categorized into three main categories:

  1. Tier One
  2. Tier Two
  3. Tier Three

Tier one manufacturers are those that have been producing solar panels for five years or more and who have a stable financial position. These manufacturers are also highly rated for their product and service quality.

Aside from having higher standards and a longer lifespan, Tier One panels often have a higher output after 25 years than Tier Two or Tier Three panels. The degradation rate for Tier One solar panels is 0.30% annually, while Tier Two and Tier Three have a degradation rate of 0.50% or 0.80%. Tier One solar cells are usually expensive up front and can range between 10% and 30 percent. The cost will likely be recovered in time.

What Is The Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

As solar panels are exposed to sunlight and weather conditions as well as other environmental factors, their performance will gradually degrade. The degradation rate is a measure of how quickly solar panels lose their efficiency and output over time. It is typically expressed as a percentage of the annual output.

According to a study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the average degradation rate of solar panels is 0.5%. After 25 years, you can expect about 89% original solar output.

Solar panels’ efficiency will decrease naturally over time as a result of factors like sunlight exposure, temperature fluctuations, humidity, mechanical stress, and the quality of the materials.

Solar panels can degrade, but technological advances have made them more durable and reliable with a lower degradation rate. Install these panels with confidence.

Solar Panel Lifespan Factors that Affect It

Some factors, like extreme weather and climate, are beyond your control. You can still increase the life of your solar panels.


Solar panel Tiers reveal that quality has a significant impact on long-term performance. You can get a good idea of what you can expect by looking at the manufacturer’s warranty. If a manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty or longer, it is likely that they will stand behind their products for a long time.


If you hire an experienced installer, your solar panels are sure to last for a long time. If your solar panels are not installed and wired correctly, they could degrade faster. Most of the leading solar companies provide maintenance checks to ensure that the system works properly and detect any issues before they grow.

Climate Change

The climate where you install your solar panels can have a major impact on their performance and lifespan. It is important to be aware of how weather conditions and other variables can affect the efficiency and life of your solar panels.

Solar panels are more susceptible to degradation in warmer climates. Solar panels can also be damaged by different weather elements, such as hail, high wind, and humidity.


Solar panels require little maintenance. Solar panels offer many benefits, including potential savings and environmental protection. You can extend the life of your solar panel by taking good care of it. Debris on solar panels not only blocks the sunlight but can also scratch or chip them and cause them to break. You should clean your solar panel regularly or install solar critter protection.

Three Tips to Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer

Here are some tips to ensure that your solar panels last as long as possible:

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean solar panels will absorb more light and work better. Some solar panels need to be cleaned weekly, while others only require cleaning every two months. Where you live determines how often solar panels need to be cleaned.
  2. Maintenance and Servicing is Essential: Maintenance prolongs the life of solar panels. Solar panels that don’t get routine cleaning and maintenance will degrade faster.
  3. Installation: Degradation rates can be affected by the location, the installation, and the rack system. You should pay close attention to the solar panel installation and any potential threats such as low branches of trees.

Solar Equipment Warranty

Solar panels are affected by their warranty. Most solar panels have a warranty of 25 years, which covers any defects or problems that may occur. Remember that the warranty will not cover damage caused by negligence or incorrect installation.

When Should I Replace My Solar Panels?

It’s time to replace your panels if they don’t generate enough electricity to pay your bills. Recent years have seen improvements in solar panels. An older model may have degraded faster than the industry standard.

You can monitor your solar panel’s electricity production with an app or physical tracker. You can determine the rate of degradation by using this method. You don’t have to replace solar panels because their output has dropped. You may wish to start saving now for future replacements.

Solar panels are a big investment for homeowners. By doing research and performing simple maintenance, you can prolong the life of solar panels.

Florida Solar FAQs

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels need maintenance, just like other appliances. You should be able to manage it. Solar panels should be cleaned and inspected periodically, and their performance monitored.

How long can solar panels last?

Solar panels are not any different. Like any home system or appliance, you’ll want it to last as long possible. Follow these simple steps to ensure your solar power system will work properly for years.

Why do solar panels degrade with time?

Solar panels naturally degrade by 0.5% to 3.0% per year due to factors such as thermal cycling, humidity freeze and damp heat as well as ultraviolet exposure.


Solar panels in Florida can last anywhere between 25-40 years depending on the type, quality of installation, and maintenance. Regular maintenance and a warranty can prolong the life of your panel. You should research all your options before you install solar panels. Choose a reputable manufacturer and installer to ensure that your solar panels last as long as they can.

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?


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