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Is Your House a Candidate For Solar?

Is Your House a Candidate For Solar?

Is Your House a Candidate For Solar?

If you have decided to go green with your home, you’ve probably thought about solar panel installations as well! Many homeowners are looking for installers that can add systems to your home which can make your home much more energy-efficient. What many people find themselves questioning is whether or not a solar panel is actually environmentally friendly and if their home is considered a good candidate for this type of power generation. Basically, is your house a candidate for solar? Efficient Home Services is one of the leading providers of solar panel installations across Florida. We want to make sure that we stand as an excellent company for helping you seek the ideal option for efficiency with your residential power!

Is Your House an Excellent Candidate For Residential Solar Panels?

Is your house a candidate for solar? Having a solar system in place can be an extremely beneficial solution for a number of reasons. If you are doing your part to help the environment, installing a solar system can be a great way that you can be more environmentally friendly. Working with a Florida installation expert can ensure that you can incorporate solar energy into your home while maximizing the efficiency of the system. One of the first things that any solar energy expert will evaluate is your home’s roof. The good news about a solar system is that they can be installed in almost any type of roof and it doesn’t matter whether you have a roof it’s made of shingles, slate, metal, or other materials. True experts in solar technology will be able to install the systems on flat roofs, and pitched roofs as well.

A solar company will be looking to make sure that your roof is in good condition and stable. As the panels will add a bit of extra weight to your roof it is essential that your roofing structure is able to support them thoroughly. When your roof has been professionally examined, it will be time to pick out the solar panels that will work well for your system. A solar company will contact the contractor to make sure that the placement of your house can be properly evaluated. Making sure that the solar panels are tilted in the right direction will ensure that you can get the maximum exposure to the sun and improved efficiency. If you don’t have a roof that faces in this direction, an expert will tilt them to the west to make sure that your roof gets better sun exposure. A north-facing roof could even work with solar panels and some calibration, no two homes are exactly the same in the way that their roof pitches towards the sun and this is why working with a solar expert can make sure you get access to the best efficiency.

If you are ready to proceed with the work on your roof and your solar expert feels as though you have a roof that would be a good candidate for solar energy, you can proceed with the installation and work with a professional to the calibration process. If you’re interested in adding a new solar system to your home or replacing your current solar system with an improved solar panel, you should contact our experts today. We are leading installers of Florida solar panels and we want to make sure that you’re getting access to the best panels for your project! 

Is Your House a Candidate For Solar?

Is Your House a Candidate For Solar?


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