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Going Green

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services by EHS

Efficient Home Services (EHS) is your go-to solution for maintaining the peak performance and longevity of your solar energy system. We understand that frequent rain alone cannot sufficiently clean your solar panels, and over time, pollen, dirt, bird droppings, and grime accumulate, negatively impacting your panels’ ability to produce electricity. That’s why we highly recommend routine panel cleanings to ensure optimal efficiency, cost savings, and an extended system lifespan.


The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

Peak Efficiency

Solar panels are an investment in clean, renewable energy, and they work most efficiently when clean. The accumulation of dirt, debris, and pollutants on your solar panels can reduce their ability to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. Regular cleanings help ensure that your panels operate at peak efficiency, maximizing your energy savings.

Extended System Lifespan

A well-maintained solar energy system is built to last. By keeping your panels clean and free of contaminants, you can significantly extend the life of your solar system. Clean panels are less susceptible to damage, corrosion, and performance degradation, ensuring that your investment continues to pay off for years to come.

Pest Mitigation

Dirty solar panels can attract pests, such as birds and insects, which may cause damage to your roof, panels, or home. Routine panel cleanings not only remove the grime that attracts pests but also provide an opportunity to inspect for potential pest-related issues and address them proactively.

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Why Choose EHS for Solar
Panel Cleaning?

Expertise You Can Trust

EHS specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of solar energy systems. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of solar panel care, including cleaning. When you choose EHS, you connect with local solar professionals who have the expertise to get the job done right.

Safety and Quality

Cleaning solar panels requires the right tools and safety protocols to prevent damage during the process. Our nationwide network of solar energy professionals is equipped with the necessary equipment and training to clean your solar cells safely and effectively. You can trust us to protect your investment and your property.

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We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we make solar panel cleaning a convenient and hassle-free process. Our team works efficiently to schedule cleanings at a time that suits your schedule, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

The Solar Panel Cleaning Process

Service Request

You can initiate the process by submitting a service request to EHS. Our team will promptly respond to discuss your cleaning needs.


We work with you to schedule a convenient time for the cleaning. Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience and ensure a smooth process.

Thorough Cleaning

Our solar professionals use the right equipment and cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your solar panels. We pay attention to detail to ensure all contaminants are removed.


While cleaning your panels, we also conduct a thorough inspection to identify any potential issues that may require attention, such as loose connections or damaged components.

Quality Assurance

EHS is committed to delivering quality service. We perform final checks to ensure that your solar panels are clean, in good condition, and operating efficiently.

Going Green

Solar Panel Cleaning with EHS

Efficient Home Services (EHS) is proud to offer solar panel cleaning services through EHS, a proactive solar monitoring system. EHS not only monitors your solar system’s performance but also includes regular panel cleanings to maintain optimal efficiency and energy production. Learn more about EHS and how it can help protect and prolong your investment in clean energy.

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When it comes to solar panel removal and reinstallation, trust Efficient Home Services (EHS) to handle the job with professionalism, efficiency, and expertise. We are committed to preserving your solar investment and ensuring that your home improvement projects proceed smoothly.
Contact EHS today to schedule your solar panel removal and reinstallation services. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience, whether you are in Florida or Texas. Let us help you continue to harness the power of clean, renewable energy while improving your home.
Don’t compromise on your solar savings. Choose EHS for all your solar panel removal and reinstallation needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted industry leader. Your solar power is our priority, and we are here to make the process hassle-free and efficient for you. Join the EHS family today!


*Starting cost for service type. Prices may vary based on location, condition, improvements, updates, lot sizes, and building type, among other factors.


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