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Save Money – Own Solar

Save Money – Own Solar

Save Money — Own Solar

Installing a solar power system in Florida can be one of the greatest ways that you can save money with your energy costs at home. If you’re thinking about buying some solar panels for your roof, the overall costs of solar are going down throughout the state of Florida. Buying a system for solar energy today could be one of the best ways that you could own a power generation system for your home that will improve power generation options for the environment and cost savings.
How does owning solar panels in Florida lead to cost savings?
The cost of solar panels throughout Tampa is beginning to fall. It’s one of the best times that you can save money on solar and get great price. With the average cost of 11.7 kW solar system around $22,000, the system can provide energy that’s worth around $4200 over two years. This could lead to a savings for a property as electricity rates start to rise. As the average utility will raise their rates by 6.7% every year, it’s possible to start seeing cost savings of several thousand dollars per year by locking in the price of electricity with a solar system.

There are several options when it comes to financing solar panels in Tampa. There is a choice to ask for a loan for solar panels as well as paying upfront for the costs. Florida currently offers only a few options when it comes to solar leasing and ultimately it doesn’t come with the same cost savings that you can get out of owning a solar system in Florida outright.
If you want to start saving money on your energy costs you need to consider the idea of going solar in Florida today. Keep some of these ideas in mind if you want to start saving money on energy and doing your part for the environment. Contact Efficient Home Services at 844-933-4392 for a free energy audit.

Save Money – Own Solar

Save Money – Own Solar


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