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Saving with EHS


How to Power Your Home with Clean Energy

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average household emits approximately 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year. In a typical two-person household, the carbon emissions are reduced by three to four tons annually after the installation of a solar power system.
The U.S. Green Building Council also reports that buildings contribute 39 percent of all carbon emissions in the United States and switching to going solar helps decrease this. The cumulative effect of property owners adopting solar across the country is what will really make a lasting impact on our pollution levels.

How, exactly, does solar reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The electricity that solar panels produce is completely emissions-free. So when you use renewable solar energy to meet your energy needs, you reduce the demand for electricity from your utility. Over 30 years the average EHS Solar PV panel system will offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide.


  • Saving the amount of fuel it takes to drive 390,300 miles, which would get you around the equator about 15.7 times.
  • Planting 10 football fields full of trees.
  • Conserving enough water used in electricity production to fill 6.7 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Eliminating the need to burn 174,907 pounds of coal.
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