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What is the Cost of Solar?

Switching to solar energy is probably more affordable than you think. Homeowners may be eligible for a federal tax credit plus other incentives, rebates and state tax credits that all combine to make solar even more attractive. Read our comprehensive guide Residential Solar Energy Costs.

a great way for you to save money!

If you can afford to pay your electricity bill every month, you can afford to install a solar panel system through EHS. With a $0-down solar loan from EHS, you can finance your system and see immediate savings. Through our finance options the loan payments are lower than your original, non-solar electricity bill, plus you can still make use of the federal tax credit.

EHS Guarantee

To give you peace of mind in entrusting your home to us, we offer an exclusive guarantee. From day one of installation your monthly expenses will be reduced. Your monthly energy costs will no longer fluctuate. They will simply be the monthly amount of your loan or lease payment. To ensure this we will track your energy bills for the first 12 months after installing our upgrades. If we fail to lower your monthly energy cost by the amount we promised, as part of this guarantee we will give you back the difference between what you used to pay and the amount you’re paying after our upgrades. We are confident, however, that the addition of new solar panels, attic insulation, or other recommended energy-efficient upgrades will yield the savings you seek.

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