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Solar Energy Is Suitable for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Solar Energy Is Suitable for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Solar Energy Is Suitable for Commercial and Residential Buildings

The use of solar energy was almost unheard of only a few decades ago, but it’s being encouraged and incentivized more and more often in this day and age. There are several reasons why that is and several benefits that solar energy customers have taken full advantage of.

One of the misconceptions that was stopping people from viewing this form of renewable energy as a valid choice was the idea that solar energy would not work on cloudy or dark days. In all honesty, the amount of the sun’s energy that strikes the Earth at any given time is equal to 173,000 terawatts of power. This is 10,000 times more than the world’s total energy usage. Given the solar energy reserves, it does not simply “run out” on a cloudy day.

While solar energy systems are an investment, they pay for themselves after a relatively short period of time. Each month, the average solar user saves $100 on average in energy costs. These systems are often state-incentivized, meaning that households and businesses who decide to use clean energy can claim a solar tax credit. This means that solar system owners can be reimbursed for a portion of their solar investment.

Solar is Not Just for Homes

You read that right. Commercial solar panel installation is available for businesses that have decided to use solar energy to power their buildings. This means that business owners can not only save money on their energy costs, they can also take part in saving the environment from the harmful effects of fossil fuel usage. Not only is solar a win/win situation considering these terms, but renewable energy helps the US attain energy independence. It also helps put control back into the hands of the consumer, rather than utility companies who can choose to charge as much as they’d like for services.

Operating a business out of a commercial building can be costly when it comes to energy usage. Maintaining a computer network, appliances, and lighting can add up fairly quickly. Not to mention, many businesses leave their lights on after closing for absolutely no legitimate reason. Because of this, many business owners are paying outrageous utility bills where a significant fraction of their cost goes to lighting nothing. Solar panels for commercial properties could offer commercial business owners significant savings, tax incentives, and the satisfaction of knowing that their investment is helping the planet on which they live sustain life.

Commercial Solar Panels

If you’re a business owner interested in making a smart investment, having solar panels installed at your place of business is not much more complicated than choosing a home system, nor is it much more expensive if you own a small business. While bigger companies will need a more powerful system than what’s standard, the savings that the system offers will allow it to pay for itself usually within the warranty period. If you’ve decided on a system that comes with an energy storage device, you won’t have to worry about changes in energy efficiency.

It’s normal to worry about something new, wondering whether it will work the way you’d like it to, or whether you’re going to have problems with the system breaking down. You might be wondering if commercial solar panel installation is going to be able to handle your energy needs because if it can’t, you’ve just invested a lot of money in something you’re stuck with. Not to worry, though. Solar power and wind turbine power have lifetime energy yields that are 100 times higher than those of nuclear or fossil fuels, in terms of energy per tonne of mined material.

In short, investing in solar energy is a wise decision, whether you’re a business owner or homeowner. There are systems designed for all sorts of energy needs. Residential or commercial solar panel installation is no longer a far-off concept from a science fiction novel. Renewable energy is the wave of the future.

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Solar Energy Is Suitable for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Solar Energy Is Suitable for Commercial and Residential Buildings


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