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Solar Panels Florida Rebate

Solar Panels Florida Rebate

Florida Solar Rebate

Florida has been nicknamed the sunshine state and for good reason. As one of the best states across the country for installing solar power, Florida also has some excellent rebates available to its citizens. The overall cost to install solar panels continues to drop almost every year because the lawmakers in the area can deliver extra attention to the initiative.

Solar panels from the Florida rebate can be delivered as a result of a 30% federal tax credit for the overall cost of the system. A typical sized solar panel system could cost around $28,000. With the help of the 30% tax credit from the state this can drop the price by thousands of dollars to $19,600, leaving you without a monthly payment between $85-$125.

Solar Florida offers further incentives through the installation of solar panel systems that can value and improved property assessments. 100% property tax exemption is delivered with a renewable energy property and there is an 80% property tax abatement available within the state as well for non residential properties. This means regardless of the type of property that you own in Florida you can benefit from the cost savings of installing these types of products within your properties.

Solar loans are also now something that you could consider in Florida for 2018. With a solar loan you don’t have to worry about a down payment and you can use a 30% federal tax credit alongside the loan payment to ensure that your payments can be lowered.

The nice part about using a solar loan for Florida rebate is that you can end up saving a few thousand dollars in the long run by paying it off early. Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are interested in taking advantage of the cheapest price for your Florida solar panels. Click here to request a free quote!

Solar Panels Florida Rebate

Solar Panels Florida Rebate


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