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Tampa Solar Incentives

Tampa Solar Incentives

Tampa Solar Incentives

Naturally, you might be thinking that all of the warm, wonderful, shining sun that beats down on Tampa all of the time is the main reason a solar power system would be beneficial for your home. However, that is only half of what makes solar power such a viable option for your Tampa home or business. Some of the Tampa solar incentives available to residents are enough to make the decision to add a solar system to your home or business an easy one.

With the solar incentive programs available to you in Tampa, as well as federal and state tax exemptions and incentives, the idea of owning a solar power system and gaining back some energy independence is a very attainable one. 

Solar Incentives And Credits In Tampa

When it is broken down quickly, there are three major things to take a look at when thinking about getting into the solar game in Tampa. Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits:

Property Tax: Florida has a property tax exemption for solar panel power systems which has averaged out to about $15,000 in savings. 

Sales Tax: Solar panels and solar power systems have an exemption to sales tax in the state of Florida (truly the Sunshine State). 

Federal relief: There is currently a federal tax credit for solar panels and systems that will allow you a credit for 26 percent of the final cost of your solar power system.

Other Solar Benefits

With all of the state and federal tax credits and exemptions aside, there are still plenty of benefits and incentives for looking into solar panels and power systems in Tampa. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits and incentives for adding or switching to solar power within the Sunshine State:

Full net metering: Net Metering has quickly become one of the best and most popular reasons why solar panels have such a benefit for you within Florida. Net Energy Metering within Florida has a two-way street of benefits as it allows for a more clean and sustainable source of energy for the electric companies while giving you a huge break when it comes to your bills. The net energy system works like this, if you are producing more energy with your solar panels than you are using, then the utility company will purchase the extra energy from you in the form of energy credits. These credits are able to be applied to your electricity bill during periods where you are using more energy than normal, such as during overcast or particularly cloudy days, or during the evening time. Essentially, this system allows you to make the energy you are not able to use at the moment, still work for you, so you are not left paying more during periods where you need power most. 

Residential solar system exemptions: Some homeowners may be holding back from buying solar panels because they are afraid of what it could mean for them when it comes to their taxes. However, as previously mentioned, in Florida your residential solar system can provide you with some tax exemptions. When it comes to property tax, we can all appreciate the benefit of a tax exemption. As such, the state of Florida offers its residents with solar panels, or full solar power systems an exemption when it comes to property taxes. Because the addition of solar panels can add value to your home, the state offers a property tax exemption for the panels that ends up saving people about $15,000 on average. 

If you would like to take advantage of these Tampa solar incentives, then contact us at 844-933-4392 today! 

Tampa Solar Incentives

Tampa Solar Incentives


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