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Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses

Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses

Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses

You already know that the sun gives off an incredible amount of heat. According to research and statistics, 120,000 terawatts of power hit the earth’s surface from the sun. This is 10,000 times more than the energy flow in our industrial civilization. The introduction of and the use of solar energy has made it possible for us to harness this energy and put it to good use. This article takes an in-depth look at solar energy and its uses today.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy refers to the technology used to harvest the sun’s heat and make it useable. One-tenth of the earth’s global energy demand is met through the use of solar energy. Solar panels are mounted on rooftops in commercial buildings and homes. They convert the sun’s energy into useable energy that we use to light our homes and heat water and living spaces. Some plants also use this type of energy in photosynthesis to grow the foods we eat.

What Can We Use Solar Energy For?

Today’s world is full of technological advancement that requires the use of energy. One of the most efficient ways to power the electronics we have at home and in our offices is to use solar. This has become common with phone and tablet manufacturers incorporating the use of solar panels as a source of power for the gadgets. At home, solar panel installations can bring down utility bills by having our computers, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and televisions powered through solar.

Apart from home, the government has adopted the use of solar energy systems to keep us safe by providing street lights that rely on solar power. These lights give us visibility during the night, which makes it easier to drive. Their use also improves the beautiful decor of the street they are used, and the homes they appear, improving the exterior design of the property.

Homeowners are realizing that they can use solar space heaters in their home to harness the sun’s renewable energy. Solar space heaters convert the residential solar energy with the use of liquid or air to turn it into useable energy. Such a solar heating system will allow you to heat your pool more cost-effectively. The U.S Department of Energy agrees that this is the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat pools in many climates.

Advantages of Using Renewable Energy

The sun shines every day, and its power can be used daily in most parts of the world. The sun will not run out of energy, which makes this the most reliable source of energy on earth. According to scientists, the sun is going to die in 5 billion years, but before then, we can enjoy and harvest its power.

Renewable energy also reduces electricity bills considerably in our homes. While a lot of people worry about the cost of installation, the long-term effect is that the bills will reduce. How much of a reduction you see will depend on the system you install and how much power it can generate for home use.

Clean energy is used in a number of ways, either as electricity or as heat. Solar panels can be installed in areas without electricity access, to distill water in areas limited in clean water, and even to power satellites in space.

Their maintenance cost is low, which means that if you keep them relatively clean, they will serve you for twenty to twenty-five years. Keep them intact, so there are no moving parts. This reduces the wear and tear. You only need to change the converter, which will be done in five to twenty years, depending on your installation service provider and panel you used.

Although solar power depends partially on the weather, its advantages greatly outweigh this fact. The efficiency does drop during rainy and cloudy days, but this does not mean that your panels will collect no energy to use. During such days, you can supplement their use with electricity which still lowers your energy bills significantly than if you had no solar panels at all. This means that investing in a solar panel is a wise long-term decision.

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Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses

Understanding Solar Energy and Its Uses


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