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EHS believes that efficient energy solutions are the most important step in reducing energy consumption. We are dedicated to helping homeowners create a more sustainable future, while saving them money with energy-saving products and services for their homes. We’re here to give you affordable ways to make your home’s energy use an asset to both you and the planet.

Eliminate Your Energy Bill

Making the solar switch allows you to completely eliminate or drastically decrease your electric bill, so much so that your electricity costs will no longer be a significant factor in your budget.

We Give Back

At EHS, we are not only passionate about giving back to our environment, we also believe in the power of bringing a community together to do great things.

Free Energy Evaluation

During this comprehensive survey, we’ll determine all the ways your home is costing you money and how we can help you save. Then we’ll share a detailed plan to help you achieve maximum efficiency. Get your free energy evaluation today!

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Let us conduct a free energy audit on your home to see how much we are able to improve its efficency. During this thorough inspection, we pinpoint areas that are negatively affecting your energy use as well as your recent electrical use history.

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